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Rules & Regulations


There will be two semesters in each year. The semester will start immediately after the admission is over as per the Khyber Medical University schedule.

The Conventional external system of examination will be followed i.e. the paper setting and evaluation would be done by the external examiners appointed by the Khyber Medical University from a panel of examiners duly recommended by the Board of Studies of the respective Teaching Department and Faculties. The examination schedule will be announced by the Controller of Examinations, Khyber Medical University.;

Each theory and practical examination will be of three hours duration.

There will be no supplementary examination.

The pass percentage in each of the individual papers in theory and practical will be 50% and 60% in the aggregate. The theory and practical have to be passed separately. A student failing in either theory or practical would be declared failed in both and will have to reappear in both practical and theory.

The minimum percentage of attendance is 75% to appear in the examination.


All the students of NCS are expected to observe disciplinary standards of the institute in all their dealing. Failure to meet these standards will require them to appear before the disciplinary committee, who may recommend a suitable action against the students.




All students must pay their fees / dues in advance at the start of every semester or by the date(s) fixed by the Director of the institute. If any student is unable to pay the dues on the due date, he/ she must seek the permission of the Director for extension of the last date of paying the dues. If the fee is not paid within due time, the defaulters will be fined Rs. 100/- per day. Fines once levied will not be condoned.

If the defaulter fails to clear the dues 10-days after the last due date, the candidates name will be struck off the roll.

The candidate may appeal to the Director for readmission in the same session. The authorities may allow readmission on compassionate grounds only after payment of Rs. 10,000/-.

Fines once levied will not be condoned

The name of the student who has not paid / cleared all the dues of the institute, will not be entered in the admission register, nor he / she will be allowed to attend the classes or appear in the examination.