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Payment of Fee

Rules Regarding Payment of Fee

All students must pay their fees / dues in advance at the start of every semester by the date(s) notified by the Director. If any student is unable to pay the dues by the notified due date, he/she must seek written permission of the Director for extension of the due date of payment of fees/ dues. This permission must always be sought before the notified due date. Request made after due date shall not be entertained. If the fee is not paid within due date the defaulter will be liable to pay fine of Rs. 100 per day for every date of late payment. Fines once levied will be not condoned.

If the defaulter fails to clear the fees/dues within 14 days of the notified due date, his/her name shall be struck off the roll. The student may appeal to the Director for re-admission in the same session. The authorities may allow re-admission on compassionate grounds only after payment of re-admission fee of Rs. 5000 in addition to the fine for late payment. Fines once levied will not be condoned.

Name of the student who has not cleared
all his/her dues shall not be entered
in the admission register, shall
not be allowed to attend the
classes or appear in any