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Fee Policy for Demoted Students

This policy states that:
• Semesters are defined as “Fall Semester” & “Spring Semester”.
• Due to the process of delays in results Declaration from Khyber Medical University, students used to get promoted to next
semester internally whereas they have to pay full fee of the promoted semester.
• In circumstances when students get demoted , 50% of fee paid by the student for the current semester shall be adjusted in the
re-appear semester and 50% shall be treated as advance fee and shall be adjusted against next semester’s fee. Resultantly,
50% of tution fee shall be charged for the semester repeated due to demotion, in addition to the normal 100% fee for regular
• Demoted students shall be converted to the fee structure applicable to the batch/class to which, he/she has been demoted
• Fines and other dues shall be paid as applicable.
• In case of double demotion in one semester, the student will be permanently struck off from the roll. Submitted fees will not
be refunded in any case.


1. As per KMU policy students having failed in more than 50% of the total subjects of a semester shall be relegated
/demoted to the same semester.
2. This shall be notified by the Exam Section to all concerned including program coordinators, program coordinator shall
inform the students(s) parent/guardian by writing a formal letter on the subject matter.
3. Relegated students shall be required to fill in Class Change Pro-forma through program admin officer, duly signed by
student, admin officer, program coordinator and director campus.
4. Admin officers shall share the information on the subject matter to the finance section
5. Relegated students shall be required to deposit semester fee as per NCS finance policy for relegated students.
6. After having done with necessary actions, finance section shall share the copy of the info (copy of Class Change Proforma) to the admin officer. Admin officer shall register the relegated student (s) in class attendance card/list of the
7. Relegated students shall be required to take regular classes with regular students of that semester