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Exam Regulations/Instructions for Students


These rules are mostly in line with Khyber Medical University Examinations regulations, 2017 and does not represent fully such
rules and regulations. For the sake of concerned students’ convenience and institutional needs, only the most relevant ones are
mentioned here.
1. Eligibility: A student shall be eligible to appear in a semester examination if he / she fulfils the following conditions.
a) No student is eligible for university/institute examination without having at least 75% attendance in a course/subject
b) Has paid the requisite fees for the examination and has cleared all the college/institute dues.
2. Distribution of Marks:
a) Marks for all regular semesters of undergraduate shall be distributed as follows.
I) Mid Term Examination: 20%
ii) Final Term Examination: 70%
iii) Internal evaluation (i.e., Quiz / Tests / Assignments / Presentations): 10%
3. Grading
a) The following grading system shall be applicable to graduate Level semester examinations

a) The minimum passing marks in each subject shall be 60%.
b) For completion of the degree, the minimum qualifying CGPA is 2.00.
4. Promotion to next semester
i) For Eight semesters (four years) professional degree program, Passing 50% subjects of a semester (fraction being counted as one i.e., 3 out of 5, or 3 out of 6 or 4 out of 7 subjects) is essential for promotion to next semester
ii) Maximum Duration of a degree program is 1.5 * actual duration of the program. This extra time period relaxation covers all possible causes like semester freezing, penalty, and demotion.
5. Instructions to students (for Midterm Examination)
i) Students must arrive at the examination venue/college at least half an hour before the start of the examination. Late students shall not be given extra time.
ii) Check the exam date sheet and seating plan carefully. Make sure you know the time and location of your exams.
iii) Bring your exam roll no for every exam. You shall not be allowed into the exam hall without your valid roll no. In case, roll no
slip has been lost/misplaced, 100rps/- shall be charged for provision of new roll no slip.
iv) Must sit according to the seating plan (displayed outside at wall of every exam room) in exam hall/room.
v) Mobile phones, smartwatches and other electronic devices are strictly not allowed in exam room/hall. If brought due to some valid reasons, it must be turned off and placed in basket or below your seatduring examination and cannot be stored in coats or pockets.
vi) Students are required to bring their own writing instruments. No borrowing, lending or exchange of any material is allowed during the exam.
vii) Ensure that you use the washroom before arriving for your exam as you shall not be permitted to leave the exam room during
the first 30 minutes.
viii) No food item (except for medical reasons) is allowed.
ix) Follow instructions given by the invigilator(s) and instructions stated on the question paper. Failure to follow instructions stated on the question paper or given by the invigilator(s) may lead to penalty.

x) Cheating attempt/misbehaviour/non-compliance/fraud/changing seating area by any means by any student is strictly
prohibited during exam. In case of violation, strict disciplinary action(s) shall be initiated against involved student(s).
xi) Red ball point, pointer or marker cannot be used as writing instruments. Blue or black ball point is only permitted.
xii) No student shall be allowed to leave exam hall/room before 30minutes of exam start time.
xiii) If any student wish to withdraw from paper for any non-serious/non-medical reason, shall give in written (i.e., I, at my own will withdraw myself from this paper)on his/her question paper along with their signature on it. No post exam paper shall be arranged in this case and zero marks shall be marked. Students withdrawing from paper during exam due to illness must produce valid medical note/prescription from registered medical practitioner of that very day. In that case, post exam (Mid only) shall be arranged for that very student.
xiv) All students must sign their attendance sheet before leaving the exam room/hall.
6. Instructions to students (for final term examination) for KMU affiliated programs only Please visit Khyber Medical University Examinations regulations, 2017 at given link
7. Assessment procedures for the conduction of final term examinations of programs affiliated with SZABMU, shall be governed through Examinations regulations of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University Islamabad.