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Institutional Research Policy For Research Project/Dissertation

1. Institutional Research Committee – IRC to be constituted for ensuring quality research at undergraduate level. The constitution and functions of the committee are as follows
1.1 Constitution of the committee: The committee may be chaired by a faculty of Assistant Professor or above level and be managed by the Secretary among the committee members. All the Research supervisors will be the members of the committee.
1.2 Functions& Responsibilities of the Committee:
I. To ensure quality medical research at undergraduate level.
II. To divide students in research groups. Each group may have 3 to 4 students in it.
III. To ratify the students research topics & proposals.
IV. To recommend supervisors for the students Final Dissertation.
V. To ratify the final dissertation of students and award grades to the students based on individual performance.

2. The Scheme of Research.
Total credits of research in final semester of DPT & BS Paramedics are (0+6) in number, while total credits of research in final semester of BSN are (0+5) in number; each credit of research is equivalent to 3 Contact Hours per Week. Total of 240-288 contact Hours to be covered by each student/student group in last 2 semesters. For convenience, the following scheme to be followed.

I. 2nd last Semester: Research Topic selection and approval by Institutional Research Committee and allotment of supervisors to students’ groups and Submission of Synopsis and data collection commencement
II. Final Semester: Data Analysis and Dissertation writing commencement and Submission and Final Defense of Dissertation

3. Supervisors:
I. Supervisor must be lecturer or above in respective discipline with at least 1 year experience. It will be mandatory for
Supervisor to conduct the student’s research sessions and document it on a pro-forma.
II. Each Supervisor may only supervise 2 research projects at one time of the same semester. In special cases,
permission may be given by the committee to supervise more research groups.
III. The Supervisor has to teach the student’s necessary research skills and also data analysis.
IV. A research Supervisor has to maintain documentation of student’s sessions. Internal assessment should be marked
by the supervisor of each student on the basis of student’s participation in group and performance in research.
V. The Institute may remunerate the supervisors for supervising the research projects on ”per project basis”. (3000

4. Final Defense
I. The final defense of students shall be conducted in front of the Institutional Research Committee, external
examiner and supervisor (Internal Examiner); external & internal examiners will evaluate the students according
to Khyber Medical University (KMU) policy for dissertation defense.
II. Plagiarism policy of the KMU is to be followed.
III. 4 copies of final approved thesis have to be submitted by each student group;
· One copy to be submitted to examination Department KMU
· One copy (soft copy) for the Department,
· One hard copy for library
· One student copy.

5. Guidelines for the preparation of Synopsis
Guidelines for synopsis (Available with the chairperson IRC )

6. Guidelines for the preparation of Thesis
Guidelines for thesis (Available with the chairperson IRC )



1. Students of all programs in their 2nd last semester shall submit their research titles to concerned supervisors; the
concerned supervisor shall forward the students’ research titles to secretary/Chairperson of IRC through concerned
program coordinator.
2. List of titles shall be presented and approval shall be granted by IRC.
3. Students shall submit their research Proposal to IRC in soft form one week prior to proposal defense through proper
channel as described in the first step.
4. Proposal defense shall be conducted and final approval shall be granted by IRC with or without major and minor
5. Ethical consideration & approval shall be granted By IRC.
6. Official data collection request letter shall be issued by the Director campus for the students’ research data collection to
concerned organizations.
7. Data shall be collected by the students and shall commence thesis writing for their research project on prescribed
8. The collected data shall be analyzed by the students through SPSS Software under the supervision of their supervisors.
9. Students shall submit their thesis to their respective supervisors in hard form for review.
10. Final thesis defense shall be conducted through viva by internal & external examiners and concerned supervisors of the
11. Hard binding copies 4 in number of final approved thesis shall be submitted by the students to the concerned