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Examination & Attendance

Regular monthly tests and term examination are held throughout the academic year for all students. Mid term examinations are also held before university exams. All students are required to attend and pass these exams.

About 75% attendance is required for a student to be allowed to appear in the university examination, any student has less than 75% attendance, will not be allowed to appear in these examinations.

University reserve its right to detain students from sitting in to the final examination if his/her performance overall and specially in the mid-term examination is below the mark.

A student absent for Three (3) consecutive days or absent for consecutive lectures in any one subject without approved leave will automatically be struck-off the roll.

A student found guilty of using unfair means in the test or examination will be fined along with parent call.

A student who applies for leave must submit proper application duly signed by the parent or guardian.

Back-dated leave application will not be entertained in any case. It is responsibility of the student and his / her parents to submit the leave application in the institute office in due time.

Leave is approved only to exempt the student from absentee fine and shall not be credited to his attendance and it should not be assumed to compensate for the compensation of attendance shortage at the end.


  • The student is required to write name and roll number on the answer book as well as on the question paper.
  • Students are not allowed to take books, files, bags or any other material in the examination hall.
  • In the last five minute make sure that extra-sheets used by you are stapled to answer book.
  • During examination, do not talk or whisper, turn your eyes or head away from your answer book. Any evidence of cheating will earn your grade as minimum penalty.
  • Students are required to sit according to the seating plan. The examiner can reallocate any student from his designated seat.
  • An examiner is authorized to dismiss you from the examination for use of un-fair means.
  • You are not allowed to continue writing after examiner announces, The time is over, put your pens down.