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NCS Scholarship Policy

NCS Scholarship Programme

NCS University System, Peshawar, under its corporate social responsibility programme, offers scholarship to students in various disciplines/programmes on merit and need basis.


Policy for NCS Scholarship

1) Scholarship will be awarded on merit and need basis;
2) Candidates who are already availing any other (HEC/Government) scholarship are not eligible to apply;
3) Candidates will be short-listed on the basis of Aptitude Test (conducted by NCS) score and academic credentials scores;
4) Only one of the siblings can avail the scholarship;
5) Students are not entitled to change discipline/programme in which scholarship is granted;
6) Students availing the scholarship shall have to pay affiliating institution’s affiliation fee, examination fee, fines, mid-term examination fee and re-admission fee (in case of struck-off the roll);
7) Scholarship shall be provided for tuition fee only;
8) In case a student is struck-off the roll due to shortage in mandatory attendance, the scholarship will be withdrawn;
9) In case of referral/compartment/supply of paper in final examination, the scholarship will be reduced to 50% of the availing scholarship and the scholarship shall be granted to next student on merit;
10) Seats available in each discipline/programme shall be decided by NCS Board;
11) Duration of scholarship shall be from start to end i.e. 1st semester to final semester;
12) Applicant must possess domicile of Pakistan/AJK;
13) Applicant must have completed 12 years of education with 60% marks in the intermediate examinations;
14) Applicant must have acquired the requisite academic qualification on or before the closing date for application for scholarship;
15) Student shall maintain 75% attendance, 3 GPA for merit and 2.5 GPA for need basis scholarship with no referral/supply paper in any semester.

Note: NCS University System reserves the right to postpone or cancel the scholarship process at any stage without assigning any reason.