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Director’s Message

Mr. Syed Kashif Shah

Director NCS Education System

It is on the top of my priorities list to empower you with the quality education, for it is quality education which awakes the nations from the sleep of ignorance. With the range of high standard management, faculty and students it is not far for the NCS to make mark on National level.

I am immensely delighted that our Department of Health Sciences, since its inception, began to serve its fruit to our society in the form of quality Physical therapists, Dental technologists and Medical laboratory Technologists.

My core advice to my students is to believe on “fortune favors brave”. This believe will make us to have strong determination regarding fulfilling our tasks and responsibility as successfully as possible by putting our maximum efforts. Secondly I advice you to devote yourself whole-heartedly to your studies, for that is your first obligation to yourselves, your parents and to the state.