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BS-Dental Technology

Dental Technology: A science where esthetics, physical forces and chemistry come along. Be that simple partial denture or complicated orthodontic appliances.

Dental Technology of Dental team who, upon prescription from dental clinician constructs customs made restorative and dental appliances.

Dentistry without dental technology is handicapped. Dental technology courses the minute details and construction techniques of crown, bridge, implants, dentures, ocular prosthesis, craniofacial prosthesis, orthodontic & Auxiliaries, mouth guards etc.

BS – Dental Technology at NCS University System is 4 years semester based program. Students have opportunities here to learn and practice in the dental labs. On completion of bachelor degree students will have international recognition or they can start up their dental lab setups.

Student who are interested in pursuing higher goals can do master and Ph. D and can be professors of Bio – materials at prestigious institutions & Labs.

Program Learning Outcomes

i. To perform an effective role in the field of dentistry to improve the community dental health.
ii. To provide primary dental care services to the community.
iii. Establish basic quality control procedures, treatment, and normal techniques procedures or methods.
iv. To enable the dental Technologist to perform the routine conservative treatment of permanent teeth.
v. In prescribed instances indicate the need for laboratory tests for definitive diagnostic information related to dental.
vi. Graduates will apply knowledge of entry-level skills to accurately perform routine dental procedures in all areas of the dental technology.
vii. Apply systematized problem-solving techniques to identify and correct procedural errors, identify instrument malfunctions, and seek proper supervisory assistance, and verify the accuracy of treatment received.
viii. Operate and maintain clinical equipment, utilizing appropriate quality control and infection control safety procedures.
ix. Perform comparison studies on new or existing procedures and report results according to conventional scientific formats.
x. Provide clinical orientation and supervision for students and new or less skilled dental clinical personnel. Lecture or provide class demonstrations.
xi. Graduates will demonstrate the elements of professionalism to operate as respected members of the dental and health care team.
xii. Graduates will employ interpersonal communication skills in relaying treatment and when interacting with patients, dental team, and other health care professionals.
xiii. Graduates will comply with clinical safety regulations and standards.
xiv. Maintain focus on the patient to provide quality dental services.