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About QEC

About QEC

Realizing the challenges to be faced in the field of higher education during 21st century, impact of globalization and the need for knowledge based economy the NCS University System Peshawar has established the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) in 2022. The objective is to support the NCS University System in its endeavors to improve the standard of education and research and make it compatible with international requirements. The QEC believes that the issue of quality enhancement cannot be separatefrom the quest of excellence.

Quality Assurance is the means through which an institution can guarantee with confidence and certainty, that the standards of its educational provision are being maintained and enhanced.

Developing an internal quality assurance mechanism in every institution is highly important. This acts as a sustainable base for External Quality Monitoring. Self-Assessment, being one of the tools used for achieving Quality Assurance is conducted by the institution itself. It is meant to assess whether the existing programs are able to meet the educational objectives and outcomes with the purpose and aims of improving the outcomes and outputs of the education system.

QEC at NCS continually reviewing the progress for enhancement of quality as per the NCS University System Quality Policy. The Institute is also assessed by Khyber Medical University periodically through QECs against following parameters.

• Progress against Program Self-Assessment
• Accreditation of program
• Functioning of QEC Secretariat
• Implementation of HEC (QAA) polices and criteria’s
• Progress against Institutional Performance Evaluation