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Registration/Admission Cancellation Procedure


1. Students who intend to cancel their admission/registration are required to address an application to the admission office
through program coordinator.
2. The admission office shall provide admission/registration cancellation form to the student, wherein student shall record
all the necessary information.
3. The admission officer shall recommend and forward the student request (Admission/Registration Cancellation Form) to
director Campus with prior verification of the information mentioned therein by the student.
4. Finance office shall appraise the fee submission status & complete the formalities of fee refund/recovery if applicable;
student info/record shall be closed in the finance software system.
5. Students who apply for cancellation of their admission/registration having KMU registration numbers shall be reported
to the office of Registrar KMU for further necessary action by Director Campus through Admission office NCS US. The
copy of which along with Student Admission/Registration Cancellation Form shall be shared with the offices as
mentioned herein.
6. Such students’ rolls shall be removed from the attendance cards/lists of the semester by the concerned program